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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  August 22, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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we put up a good fight and this resolution was walking by us. >> reporter: the case stems from a february 13 incident on the rooftop terrace at the w hotel in washington. today, prosecutors presented their evidence to the judge on the charge that they are dismissing. they said that haynesworth was with a group of up to 26 people. when he tried to give the waitress his credit card, prosecutors say that her hands were full of dishes and she asked haynesworth to wait until she put them down. instead, prosecutors say he intentionally slid the car down between her breast and then fondled her nipples. >> well hopefully he moves forward, he does what he is suppose to do as far as the conditions and disagreements. >> any comments at all, sir? >> reporter: the agreement says in the next 18 months, he cannot be arrested, have any contact with the waitress, cannot stalk, threaten, or harass anyone, and must go through drug abuse and
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psychiatric assessment. >> have you paid the waitress any money? >> have i paid who? >> the waitress involved in this? >> absolutely not. absolutely not. >> do you plan to settle this with her? >> absolutely not. she has not been paid any money. >> reporter: and in court documents, prosecutors have said that haynesworth's lawyers have repeatedly offered money to the w hotel waitress for her help in getting the government to drop the case. now, you heard, but the lawyer says denying those allegations. and just moments ago. i'm peggy fox, reporting live, derek, back to you. >> all right, thank you, peggy. we have breaking news out of new york where prosecutors there are recommending a judge drop charges against dominique can. now, that woman and her lawyer met today with the prosecution. and after that meeting, her attorneys released a short
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statement saying, "the manhattan's district attorney has denied the right of the woman to get justice in a rape case." he is scheduled to go before a judge tomorrow. with songs in their hearts and tears in their eyes. hundreds of people got their first glimpses today of that new national memorial to dr. martin luther king jr. you've gotten until thursday to see it before it closes up until president obama dedicates it this coming sunday. bruce leshan is down on the title basin. >> i thought it was very cool to see it to come around, the words that he has here. >> reporter: hundreds stream through a cliff in the mountain of despair to see martin luther king seemingly ready to leap from a stone of hope. >> thank you. >> reporter: over and over they spoke of their parents, their grandparents, they great grandparents. >> i know that they would love to see this day. >> it's been a long long time coming. >> reporter: felicia jones kept humming that old song, a change
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is going to come. >> how are you doing? >> i'm just thinking of my grandfather and my father. >> reporter: by the time they opened up the gates at 11:00, hundreds of people were in line. >> of course when i'm older, i will point this out to my grandchildren. i was there at the grand opening. >> reporter: young men moved by the poetry of perhaps the first memorial on the mall to a man who believed only in peace and non-violence. >> and that is rights for all americans. you know, working conditions, health care. >> reporter: the quotes traced dr. king's speeches from the montgomery bus boycott to memphis. >> they were not animals, they were not machines. they were decent human conditions. >> a gunman took that from us 43 years ago, but still his words ring down through the ages. >> as you move around the
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statue, it is almost like he moves around with you. >> thank you for that, bruce leshan. and it has indeed been a long time coming. 48 years since the "i have a dream speech." today, under the crystal blue skies, elders who lived the civil rights struggle and young people who are just learning about it got their first glimpse at a memorial to a man who symbolized the struggle. anita? >> thank you, derek. now, it appears that the 40- year regime of muammar gaddafi is coming to an end. rebels claim that they are in control of the libyan government and the international community including the u.s. is offering to help the people of that nation. he has the latest for us. >> reporter: they set up check points in tripoli to look for forces that are loyal to muammar gaddafi. and there is still fighting going on in the capitol, but the rebels claim they control 95% of the city. and at least three of gaddafi's sons are in custody, and the search is on for their father,
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who has gone into hiding. >> that's something that would happen out here to find him, to arrest him. >> reporter: the rebels are also claiming to have taken over the state-run television, even capturing this man, the pro-gaddafi anchor woman who waved a gun on air on sunday saying she was ready to die to defend this station. the rebels' quick takeover came after nato's bombing campaign. president obama said that the future of libya is now in the hands of it people. >> although it's clear that gaddafi's rule is over, he still has the opportunity to reduce further bloodshed by explicitly relinquishing power to the people of libya. >> reporter: the u.s. state department and the international community are already preparing for a post- gaddafi era. >> they need to unite them politically, provide government services to a country who has not had a. that's a tall order. >> reporter: rebels will need to bring together very different tribes and sections in libya, who spent the past
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four decades under gaddafi's iron fist. cbs news, new york. >> the international criminal court says that gaddafi and his sons face charges of crimes against humanity. derek? >> thanks, anita. we've got breaking traffic news for you. a crane collapse now causing some serious problems in the evening rush. we have the latest details for you. >> reporter: derek, you are looking at it live right now on route 7 as you said it, a construction crane fell over on to route 7 here on tyson's corner, you know where all the construction has been going on since at about 3:10 this afternoon. and this has been the situation, i've been on the phone with fairfax county police. they tell me that basically they have had to shut down route 7 between the beltway and mcgarrity road. but the big traffic problem here is that you cannot access from the inner or outer loops of the belt way, route 7, now that's a big headache during the rush hour. right now, you will be diverted as you can see all the people, they are either headed off to
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the beltway or over route 123. we'll keep you posted on the situation, which may take several hours. now, i will take you over to a map quickly, where there is another situation out here on route 109 that has been shut down since about 3:00 this afternoon with an overturned traffic trailer right here. not much that you could do, other than to take the road here. i'll take you over to another situation, in northwest. and another accident that is involving a tractor trailer out here at norton's street, right across from the road here. you'll either want to take canal road there. back to you guys. >> thank you, monica. all right, and now let's talk about hurricane irene. she could be on the collision for us by the end of the week. topper and the weather center, with a look at the damage that is done in puerto rico. >> yeah, only a category one right now. but that is to become a category three. we'll take you down here to san juan. and anywhere from 75 to 80 miles per hour. and they were trying not to bring down the trees or knock out the power. i mean, nothing super major. but enough damage that is causing major problems.
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pretty heavy rain. anywhere from 3 to 6 inches across parts of the northern part of the island. and now as far as we are concerned, let's take a look at the satellite picture, because this will show you a very clear definition of the storms. puerto rico is clear now. there are no warnings in puerto rico. we do have hurricane warnings that are across much of the northern dominican and also into the southern bahamas. we will zoom in a little bit. you can almost see a good eye formation right here. sot winds, they are still about 80 miles per hour. it's about 65 miles north, northwest. and in dominican, it's moving. it is to the west, northwest at about 13 miles per hour. so again, we are looking at winds of 80. gusting up to 100 though. and they are moving here at 13. here is the deal, we're going to kind of zoom in on this. it could be a category two hurricane. it will hit the bahamas with winds at 85 to 90 miles per hour. but it will be category three probably during the day on wednesday and, in fact, the good news is that it will stay off here the florida peninsula. the bad news is that it takes aim right very close to the
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north carolina, south carolina border, a little bit further inland. and you remember floyd, going right through this area in the outer banks and went out to sea. providing a tremendous amount of rain for north carolina. so we are going to watch this, even as it takes, no matter what the details are in terms of where it hits the coast. it will probably affect us on saturday and/or sunday. now, each line represents a computer guide. so the tighter the lines, the more influence there is. and nay are pretty consistent, taking the storm through the bahamass where it actually makes landfall. we are still talking about four to five days out. you can see some beginning to curve back around. that's a very similar track to hurricane floyd, which actually would spare much of the southeast coast for major damage. we'll come back and talk about what it means for your weekend in just a bit. >> all right, thank you, top. police are now scouring the section of prince george's county tonight. just trying to find one man, a
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one-time olympic hopeful boxer who they are hoping could help solve a shocking crime over the weekend. >> that's right. caught in the cross fire at the apartments is a 2-year-old -- 2 child. >> yes, right now, we have seen police all over the neighborhood. and they are looking for him. his name is devon angel mattos, described only as a person of interest in this case. and it is a shooting case that prince george's county police chief has called his top priority because of the age of the victim. he is 18 years old. a one-time olympic hopeful boxer whose skills are on display on utah. but fans curious about his disappearance from the local boxing scene got an answer on one website, "i think the streets got him." and on the streets, very few are willing to talk about the
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shooting on saturday night in the search to question him. but residents of the apartments are buying teddy bears to comfort the mother of the toddler who was critically wounded here. meanwhile police are actively searching the area described as a person of interest. after a 2-year-old boy was critically injured by a stray bullet. >> we believe that he may know something about the course of events that lead to this toddler being struck and we would like to talk to him about that. >> reporter: police are particularly interested in surveillance video recorded by the apartment complex's quarter million dollar network of cameras. >> and that is going to be critical to putting together our case. >> reporter: meanwhile, the former coaches have declined to be interviewed about his background. videos posted on utah go back to age 11. and he is known for blazing hand speed, but his facebook gives a clue to another side of his life with a web address that includes the phrase
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"stupid wild." all right again, now, he is described only at this point as a person of interest, but that interest police have in him is clearly intense as they continue to work the neighborhood this afternoon. and reporting live, scott broom, 9news now. >> all right, thank you. one montgomery county police is out to catch a man accused in a sex assault in bethesda between kingswood road. that's when a 24-year-old was just out running when a man came up behind her and grabbed her inappropriately. well, the suspect took off running and he was last seen wearing a cream-colored shirt, a light-colored shirt and a tan winter hat. some startling new claims about the funeral procession that spiraled into a confrontation after being pulled over by fairfax county police. 6,000 parking tickets are issued every day. $450 collected in fines every minute.
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and sound outrageous? well it's a reality in the district. i'm brittany morehouse, covering the furry over parking tickets. but up next, authorities in aruba are launching a new search in the case of the missing maryland woman, but they are not saying exactly what they are looking for. stay with us.
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yes, it's that time. back to school for thousands of students in our area. 198 schools in prince george's county and 168 in the district began the new classes today. dc mayor vincent gray all greeted kids at eastern high school northeast. now, it was one of the city's lowest performing schools, and
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for new school chancellor, eastern is an example of how dc is turning itself around. >> there are a lot of folks that think because we have been a struggling school district that kids in dc aren't as smart as or talented as or as bright as kids around the country. we will show them differently. >> they poured in thousands of dollars to renovate eastern high and improve graduation rates. all grades gave them a whole new beginning. entirely new faculty and all ninth graders are required to wear the new school uniforms. prince george's county executive and county school superintendent greeted kids in riverdale maryland. they have more than 120,000 students and nearly 18,000 employees. county executive baker says education is his top priority and it is the beginning of the new school year providing a new sense of energy and optimism. a new search now underway
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in aruba, but tonight, we do not know if it is for the remains of the missing maryland woman or for evidence against her detained travel companion. >> previous searches focused in on the south near where gary giordano. now, they are spanning out the northeastern section, where martin savage is following the latest developments for us. >> reporter: for most of the day we have been following a team of searchers here in the southern part of the island of aruba. it is a fairly specific area that they are looking at. it started off as the district known as colorado, and it has expanded so much saying that we are a couple miles away from the area where the couple, gary giordano and robyn gardner were last seen on august 2. the day that he says that robyn gardner was lost carried away by the current while they were snorkeling. authorities have doubted his story. certainly they are investigating other possible avenues, which include maybe that somehow robyn gardner is, well, her body is somewhere on land. so that is why the search has
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been taking place. and this is not your typical postcard kind of view of aruba that you see here. it is very rocky, difficult terrain, and extremely hot, which is why they constantly have to stop and take breaks. but they have searched a vast area so far, no signs of robyn, no clues as to what might have happened to robyn gardner. there has been some news, a new witness reportedly says that he was on the beach that afternoon when robyn gardner and gary were supposedly snorkeling. he says he saw the couple, but never saw them go into the water. the authorities have had a number of witnesses who saw the couple, but they never saw them snorkeling. and they continue to investigate. meanwhile they also continue to search. in aruba, i'm martin savage, back to you. >> gary giordano has been detained in the presumed death of robyn gardner, but he says he has done nothing wrong.
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well arlington county police believe that they have put a serial bank robber behind bars. under arrest is the 57-year-old on friday. and right now, the dc man is charged with just one bank robbery, but police believe that he could be the person who robbed five other banks in arlington county over the past three months. we'll have more on how he was caught coming up at 6:00. and let's get on over to meteorologist topper shutt whose got the latest on the possibility that we could see windier times than what we are used to here in the washington area. >> it may coincide with the dedication. >> that's what i was wondering. >> yeah, it takes a little jog to the east and we'll have a beautiful day. that would be a good thing. >> yes. >> in the meantime, we've got a good thing going on right now. >> it's lovely. >> it is as close to a sparkler that we will get here in august. let's take a look at the temperatures. i mean with full sun, we are talking about temperatures in the low 80s and the upper 70s.
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still august if i'm not mistaken. look at oakland, only 64. 75 here in cumberland, and the low 80s, just are beautiful. i mean, martinsburg, 80, 81 in leesburg, 84 in manassas. and some of the warmer readings that we could find. but 81 in frederick, 79 in gaithersburg. and 80 over in annapolis. and that is really fantastic. now, here is the deal, we're going to rest the ac for a while. much cooler tonight. a terrific tuesday. and then still nice on wednesday. again, if irene were to affect us, it would be a saturday, sunday timetable, probably on saturday night into sunday morning and possibly through sunday afternoon. and tonight, clear skies, breezy, much cooler, open up the windows. 64, winds are northwest at 10 to 15. that will continue throughout much of the night. and it just kinds of adds a refreshing field to it really. 57 for the low in rockville. 5 a in gaithersburg. even downtown, we are talking about low to mid-60s. 59 in bowie. upper 70s in reston, fairfax, and sterling:
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mid-50s in leesburg manassas and middleburg. air quality is good, code green. now, 50s and 60s. some of the kids, they might actually want a light jacket tomorrow morning, believe it or not. and grab your shades. no doubt about that. by the afternoon, mostly sunny, just spectacular. the low humidity as well. high temperatures are in the low 80s and the light winds. so you know, not the breeze that we had today. look at the temperatures, very uniform and very picture perfect. 82 in rockville and arlington. 82 downtown. 82 at college park and in bowie. now, maybe down to the south. you make it to 83, but the low 80s in fairfax and reston and sterling at 81 in leesburg and manassas. you can go up into west virginia, a little further, charlestown, even to the upper 70s. here is your zone forecast. the west of the divide, you'll be in the 60s tomorrow. you'll be in the 40s in oakland tomorrow morning. now, 78 in had comber -- in cumberland. 83 at culpepper.
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82 downtown, even in the mid-80s. gaithersburg, 82 and no wind, so no advisories for the bay or the potomac. the next seven days, still nice on wednesday, 85. thursday, almost hot. a couple of showers or storms are possible. we've got the redskins and the ravens logo right there. the skins are going up 95. then a break on friday, which is typically the case for you when you get them thinking that you are ahead of the hurricane. a pretty nice day on friday. then it could be irene on saturday and sunday and then very nice again on monday. >> all right, we will be watching that. >> yeah, go to our website on and download the hurricane tracker because i'm talking about it being deployed and you can go and look at their past. >> and what is going on. thank you, top. up next, the family of the cheerleading coach who is critically injured in that stage collapse in indiana, they are giving up hope so he can recover.
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we have an update on the tragic accident at the indiana state fair from a week ago. there is word that one of the victims, a 24-year-old cheerleading coach will become
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an organ donor. a concert stage collapsed in the high winds and her family has now given up all hope that she could recover. the cheerleading coach will be the 7th person to die from the accident. an indiana man now being held without bond tonight accused of stabbing a boy scout leader to death. it happened yesterday afternoon during a hiking trip in bunker hills. the assistant scout leader had stopped to identify a tree when the attacker approached him from behind and just stabbed him. the 22-year-old was arrested after an eight-mile chase. and police say that he had attacked his mother in their own home and even killed a dog just a short time before that stabbing. >> it happened right in front of me, i'm behind my car right now. >> well this is caught on tape. the aftermath of the officer being shot in california. the 28-year-old officer shot in the neck during a standoff with the gunman who is now accused of killing his 1-year-old daughter and his mother-in-law.
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and the man had barricaded himself inside the house setting it on fire yesterday afternoon. later on they found him dead inside. no one knows why, but the man's wife did file for a divorce last week. and that officer is now in critical, but stable condition. casey anthony is now back in florida. her attorney told fox news she has returned to serve possible probation after pleading guilty to check fraud in january 2010. a judge recently ruled anthony must serve the year probation even though she spent nearly three years in jail while waiting to be tried for her daughter's murder. anthony and her attorneys are appealing this decision. they say that the 25-year-old has already served that probation while she was in jail. and doing so again would violate double jeopardy. if her appeal fails, she has until noon on friday to report to the orlando probation office. welcoming up next, new at 5:30. >> i don't care what their parents did, what the future is. everybody has the right. >> were bikers denied to their
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rights for the funeral procession when they pulled them over to the road? a follow-up to a story only on 9 is coming right up.
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new at 5:30, startling claiming for the funeral procession that spiraled into confrontation after being
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pulled over by fairfax police last week. it's a story that you only saw here on 9. now the brother of the dead man says she has been getting threats. as they report, the family believes that the results of the publicity criticizing the actions of a few officers. when the hearse and 250 bikers in the funeral procession were pulled over by fairfax county police, several bikers told 9news that they thought they were the victims of profiling. >> i don't care about anybody's background, where they are from, what they do, what they wear, they have a right to have a decent burial. >> reporter: fairfax county police say that the bikers were pulled over because of the procession that left earlier than expected. and the police escort wasn't in position. >> there were people apparently from the procession who were directing traffic to stop that sort of thing. not only is it illegal, but it is extremely dangerous. >> reporter: and sources inside the department tell us that police mistakingly thought that
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the deceased was a member of the known outlaw motorcycle gang. >> timmy has never in his entire life ever been a pagan member. i do have a history with them, but it's a history. it's in the past. >> reporter: but that might explain the alleged actions. >> the fairfax county patrol controlled the parking lot, scanning tags, taking pictures. i mean, it was out of control. >> reporter: and now he says that the law enforcement source told him that a few officers have it out for him. >> the two guys that we talked to, they said that they were going to kick the hell out of me. and he said you need to lay low for a while. >> reporter: family and friends say that the procession actually included many members of law enforcement, including several retired state troopers, alexandria police, and three active federal agents. the family wants to make it clear that they have the upmost respect to the fairfax county police, but would like for those few officers to be
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disciplined. a police spokeswoman also says that the department has not yet received a formal complaint from the hall family. >> all right, obviously this will be unfolding as you have been following it for us. >> you bet. >> thank you, derek. and well it feels like you are safer paying a more costly garage for parking instead of trying to use a meter on the streets, it's no wonder. 9news now is learning just how many parking tickets are issued every day in dc and just how much cash the city is raking in from all those fines. brittany morehouse has been on top of this story since she has obtained the new figures last week. >> reporter: $450 every minute, $8 every second. that's how much money the city is collecting from parking meters. >> it makes me feel like we could have more money. >> reporter: she knows this firsthand since inner hand, she is carrying her second parking ticket issued when he parked near a broken meter. pointing to a sign and the coin stuck in the slot as proof. proof that she did not have in
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photos when she got her first ticket. >> when i sent it in, they wrote a note and said there was no proof. >> reporter: and that is the 1.8 million issued last year, that is 480 issued per day with 167 of them and at least 40% of those were dismissed. that means that the city collected $80 million for parking tickets. >> $$219,000 a day. >> issued so far, the city is managing $6,000 per day. they collected about $50 million worth of fines. the outrage grows louder when we hear stories like this. >> as i approach my car with the quarter, i saw one of the parking people standing there writing a ticket. and i ran up and i saw that it was not expired yet. that there was still one minute left. and just as soon as it turned red, she handed me the ticket. >> the worst part is that she did not fight it.
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that's where they say that drivers going wrong. >> document it, document it, document it. and document it. everyone has a cell phone now. or a device like that, the electronic device. take photographs and prove it. >> and the sign is here and you know, they still give me the ticket. >> well, she says she will be using our video as proof. 9news now. >> now, we need to catch up with a spokesperson from the public works department this morning, but she denied our request for an interview this week. and we are getting a closer look now at montgomery county's new pay-by-cell phone system. and this thing allows you to pay with your smart phone, simply by scanning what is called a qr code, which appears on the meter itself. that stands for quick response. steve nash from the county transportation department says one of the benefits of one is that you only pay for the actual time that you park there. >> i don't have to be charged for two hours. if i come back within an hour, all i have to do is go back to
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my app, it will call up this session since i'm logged in and i will hit stop parking, and i have just done that. it is connecting to the data base and it will stop my session. >> that is pretty impressive technology. now the pilot program has been in place downtown bethesda. so far, tens of thousands of drivers are signed up to use it. here is how you do it. you simply download the park now app and you register to open an account. to start parking, you simply select the city or location manually right here on our app here. and our providers is montgomery county maryland. we'll select that. when you get there, you have to scan the code that's on the meter. so i hit the button, scan the qr code. it gives me a camera here. look at the keyboard, and look at this as though it was the meter. you scan it, you put the bar code up, you scan it, it tells you what to do. now, you will not get a time that appears on the meter, however, you will get a warning notice before your time
5:36 pm
expires. i guess it will come in the form of a text. we all know how helpful that might be. anita? >> yes, thank you, derek. new speed cameras are active. they are in maryland within a half-mile radius at the middle school. and both are located on allen town road. right now the cameras will issue just a warning, a fine start there though in 30 days. the first day of school got off to a rocky start in maryland. a water main break affecting water pressure. and a total of 100 customers were without water service. an accident complicated repairs on that 10-inch main. now, they say that a motorcyclist was seriously hurt when he crashed through a barricade, set up at the right speed. >> and let's update you to on breaking news. the train collapse causing more problems in the evening rush. we have new details for you. it looks ugly. >> yes, it just happened at
5:37 pm
about 3:00 this afternoon in the tyson's corner area, route 7 here at the beltway. and where fairfax authorities and crews have been dealing with this construction crane that fell over the road ways as you can see it on the left side of your screen there. and now what they are doing on the west side of route 7, you are being detoured on a northbound 494. if you need to get out here, go ahead and use 123 south. that is the best alternate. i say best because it is the only option of using international drive over to route 23 north and on to the beltway as you can see traffic is very heavy in the area. and authorities, they are telling me that it will be a while before they could move that construction crane. luckily no one hurt. back to you guys. >> all right, thanks, monica. and up next, tragedy at the annual air show. a pilot performing the stunts pointed to the ground and the flames forced them out here. don't forget, we are always on at and stay with us, we will be right back.
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caught on tape, an airplane stunt performance ended just as badly as you could have imagined out of kansas city, missouri. now, look his plane just hurdles to the ground and employees up. now, you can see that everything went wrong, bursting into flames, the pilot was
5:41 pm
killed. >> and i made it out to the scene. and the plane was still burning. although the fire department was putting foam on it and water. and once it was extinguished, i walked out to the plane to check for survivors and found that there were none. >> the victim was named brian jensen. he was also a pilot for delta airlines. now, despite that accident, the final day of the air show went on as scheduled yesterday. a stunt man fell 200 feet to his death at the air show in michigan yesterday. and they captured this video of the accident at the international guard base. the stuntman todd green was walking the wing of a bi-plane, trying to make his way through a helicopter hovering above him when he fell. and he had performed the stunt hundreds of times. investigators are looking into what went wrong this time. it's the same trip that turns into a rescue mission when the seas get rough. and the captain of this boat sent out a stress call after the engine started smoking off the san diego coast. the coast guard tried to save the boat, but once it started
5:42 pm
taking on water, it became all about saving the eight people who were on board. and one by one, they were hoisted into a coast guard chopper, and as you can see right there, just minutes after they got off, the fishing boat went down. a military bans video and it has gone viral. that's side winder, accused of covering them deep getting over a million hits on youtube. all the band members are serving the international guard as a part of the 571st air force ban. that's based in st. louis. now, the lead singer, the staffer gent, yes, the one with the pipes has been invited to audition for the reality show, "the voice." >> i bet that most people have not had a sergeant that could blow like that. all right coming up next on 9news now. if you believe that one shanahan, a decision has been made on who starts thursday night. if you believe the other, it
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hasn't. i'm dave owens at redskins park. i'll have that story. well dave, it feels a little bit like football weather, low humidity, temperatures in the upper 70s to the lower 80s. we will show you the pollen, still summer like. and it is still high because of our showers over the weekend. we'll come back and talk about this nice stretch of weather and how long it will last and talk more about irene. but first, it's one of the most common birth defects. tonight, there are new recommendations as to how doctors could pick up heart disease right after a baby is born. we will talk about it in our health alert.
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heart defects are relatively common in newborns and in some cases they can be deadly, especially if you are not catching it. there is an inexpensive test to pick them up and potentially save lives, but it is not routinely done here in the u.s. in tonight's health alert, they could make this test a lot more
5:47 pm
available. she found out that something was seriously wrong. >> one of the nurses was getting him ready to bring him back to our room and she noticed that his fingernails were turning blue. >> reporter: he was not getting enough oxygen, a painless inexpensive test that help reveal this he had a congenital heart defect. >> in that one instance, everything changed. >> reporter: in his case, they notice that there was something wrong. but that's why the federal advisory panel is now attacking hospitals perform screening on all newborn babies. >> you want to identify them with the heart defects because you know if you don't, then they could go home from the nursery and very rapidly die. >> and they measure the amount of oxygen in the blood using a sensor foot. his oxygen level was so low that he had to undergo emergency heart surgery. >> if it was not for this giant
5:48 pm
guard in the middle of his chest, you would have no idea that there was even a problem with him. >> there is some concerns, giving them false positives indicating a problem when there really isn't one. and the strategy they develop is a false positive area, less than 1% and again that these tests should be common routines. and also join me tonight at 11:00 for a special health alert about a local couple that had gotten hope back, thanks to the high-tech cancer fighting to a local hospital. and he was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. thanks to a report about a new treatment profiled on 9news now, his wife, lisa, says that their outlook radically changed. >> and i went to the channel 9 website, and you know, i saw a box that said there is a new minimally invasive cancer treatment and i clicked on it. and it looked amazing. >> and they are really good kids too. >> and we followed ned through that procedure and show you the results tonight. the need for nano tonight at
5:49 pm
11:00. a warning tonight for anyone who took amtrak last wednesday between philadelphia and northern virginia. you better make sure that your measle's vaccinations are up to date. they said that a foreign visitor riding amtrak had the measles. that person was on train 171 between philly and washington. measles are highly contagious and could be spread through coughing and sneezing. symptoms could take up to three weeks to develop. it is usually the national zoo's female panda making headlines. well now, the zoo's former male panda cub who is all grown up, he is making the news because he is preparing for mating season next year and the keeper in southwest china, they are giving him mating training sessions. >> yes, they don't have the strength in their hind legs to hold their large body in the way, i guess, the position required for mating. so the goal is to improve his stamina that will increase his
5:50 pm
chances of successfully mating, which i might add will probably be good for any of us. >> you know what, i love the pandas, and even for me that was a little too much information. >> too much information. >> i don't think so. i think that people want to know about the pandas, don't they? >> actually they don't. you know, not too much in your mind. >> all right, we're going to talk about hurricane irene. we are going to show you a video from the u.s. virgin islands. they got raped with 80 miles per hour winds and it continues to move west, northwest and it is headed right to the bahamas. again, the only category one that went through the san juan area and also the british high lands. all right, now, let's go back to irene. category one, we are going to put it in motion and it will become a category two by wednesday it looks like. and even by the time that wednesday is over, it might become a category three. certainly by the time you get out here, it will be a category 1 at 110 miles per hour. that is one mile off from being the category three. and now, they are making it a category three. once it goes through, they will
5:51 pm
head off the coast of florida. you'll notice that it will be more northerly, which is good. and then by friday at 2:00 p.m. the winds are 115 miles per hour. and that is a category three. and right now, they are making landfall somewhere around the north carolina, south carolina border. and some models were actually taking it over, keeping that sort of side out of the outer banks. so if that is the case, it will have an impact on our weather. the good news is that it will not be here on saturday and sunday. the bad news is that's when you are dedicating the memorial. temperatures, 81 leesburg, 83 downtown. 77 in gaithersburg. it doesn't get much better than this for late august. the rest of the ac, open up the windows. much cooler tonight. a terrific tuesday. still nice on wednesday. if you work to affect us, that would be here over the weekend. all right, the next seven days? great tomorrow, nice on wednesday. maybe some thunderstorms on thursday. getting hot too. back up around 90 as they go up to play the ravens. then we will gate break on
5:52 pm
friday and showers and thunderstorms, depending on the track of irene, and then a very nice day the following monday. >> it sounds good. >> yeah. >> it sounds very good. the quarterback battle, it is heating up at redskins park. >> 9sports director, brett haber is here with a closer look at the two men that are vying for that number one spot. i thought he had it all out there? >> no, i think the matter is still it many doubt. and as it pertains to mr. beck, let's be honest, a lot of people including quite a few in my line of work expected him to fall flat on his face on friday night. afterall, the guy has not thrown a pass in the nfl for 2007. the thing is, you know, he did not fall flat on his face. in fact, he was borderline awesome. and just as rex grossman was the week before. dave owen poses the question, now what? >> reporter: the two main subjects in this drama took dramatically different paths to get here. john beck is a product of the byu factory. doing a two-year mormon mission and speaks fluent portuguese.
5:53 pm
>> reporter: he almost won the heisman at florida and lead the bears to super bowl -- super bowl xlv. >> i do want to have a consistent year and they looked upon us as to someone that is a great quarterback. >> reporter: all in all sexy rex has played in 41 regular- season games. beck, 5. his career never got off the ground in miami. and only the shanahans seem to believe that he is capable of starting, which he will be going14 out of 17 for 145 yards on friday. now, whether he won up to rex grossman's performance a week prior, that's debatable, but he did impress his coaches. >> i'm all together, you know, completing the ball, moving the chain for us. i thought he did a good job. >> reporter: so who will start the all-important third pre- season game? does the offensive coordinator know? >> i don't know. we have not talked about it.
5:54 pm
>> reporter: oh, it sounds like they need to get their stories straight before talking to the media. and they do say that both will play and kyle says that they are making the decision tough. the two 30-year-olds that have taken different roads to this point will settle a lot on thursday night. dave owens, 9sports now. >> and this afternoon the redskins released their official depth chart for thursday's game, which lists grossman as the first string qb, but don't read too much into that and beck was the guy who started. >> i don't even know who to root for. thank you, brett. we appreciate it. up next, preparing kids to be financially responsible adults. and what you can do to make your kids money smart later on. and coming up new at 6:00. >> police believe that they arrested the man responsible for robbing a series of banks in arlington county. i'm lindsey mastis, that story is coming up.
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in tonight's consumer alerts, staggering job wages have consumers feeling financially insecure. a new bank rate survey says that many people feel like their net worth, savings, and job security have dropped and sharply. now, 47% say that they are less comfortable with their savings than they were a year ago. 35% say that their financial situation is worse and that a third of workers between the
5:58 pm
ages of 30 and 64 feel less secure in their jobs. well, the current financial climate also has parents that are concerned about how their children are viewing money and the spending and the saving habits that they will be carrying on into adulthood. tonight, we will share some invaluable information to help families raise a financially smart child. >> reporter: students are headed back to school. so how about giving them some lessons that they could take to the bank? a recent survey from asked adults about teaching important money lessons to kids. the most important lesson that parents could teach is how to save. others are cited being frugal, bargain hunting, creating budgets, and the concept of investing. and the most common way for kids to get experiences in handling money is with an allowance and about half of the parents say that their kids get one. most of those surveys said that they do it to instill a sense of responsibility and as a reward for chores. others say that it teaches a valuable of a dollar and basic
5:59 pm
budget skills. among the lessons that they wish they had learned when they were young, be prepared for unexpected expenses, take credit seriously, it's not free money, and a better understanding as to how student loans work. for your son or daughter headed off to college this fall, it is worth reminding them of these lessons, especially since they will be managing money all by themselves. >> and financial experts advise that you should start teaching your kids about money as soon as they learn how to count. it serves as a great educational tool and it will empower and prepare them for when they will need to make spending decisions of their own in the future, anita? 9news now at 6:00 starts right now. what is being called the air spring stretches into summer in libya. today, other countries started to raise the rebel flag. and the regime is changing. good evening, i'm anita brikman, in for lesli foster. right now the big question is where is muammar gaddafi?


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